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Thank you for sharing your touching and inspiring stories. Thank you for being the force of good and believing in the power of kindness.

Vincent’s Legacy Lives On

On May 1, 2017, Roxane Cann and her family’s lives changed forever. Their son and brother, Vincent took his own life. He had been bullied by his peers. This kind of news is life-altering and has the power to change one’s world in an instance. Roxane made the conscious choice to take her sadness and turn this tragedy into an opportunity to not only change her own life but impact others in a positive way.

Meet Carmen Clay from the Casady School

We would would love to introduce Carmen Clay! Carmen works at the Casady School as the chair of the Rainbolt Family-Learning Service.  Casady School is an independent K-12 and college prep school, located in Oklahoma City and is committed to providing a foundation of excellence for all students, instilling them with the educational and social skills to triumph in their future endeavors. We have asked Carmen to compose an array of responses about what kindness

Check out the Side by Side Smiles!

Kid For Peace would like to introduce two remarkable teens, Sanjana and Nandini who are creating smiles and changing the world. In January 2017, Sanjana and Nandini started their own charity called Side By Side Smiles to raise money and awareness for children with cleft lip and palates. Since starting their charity, they have raised over $12,800 dollars! Instead of just asking for donations, both Sanjana and Nandini wanted to be able to give something back to

Learn about the Silent Strength Program and Doug’s story

We would like to introduce, Doug Reavis who has been sharing the Silent Strength Kindness Presentation with middle school and high school students all over the East Coast since 2012. Most recently, Doug and his team launched their brand new YouUplift.com Positive Student-to-Student Messaging Platform. This platform encourages students to post anonymous uplifting messages about other students in their school. These messages can then be viewed via the platform’s website, the school’s website, school facility