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Thank you for sharing your touching and inspiring stories. Thank you for being the force of good and believing in the power of kindness.

Lucy’s Big Idea

We would like to introduce Olivia Weaver, a passionate young lady who is making great strides in her community and the world-at-large. Olivia recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book, Lucy’s Big Idea for her Girl Scout Gold Award project, which is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn! Lucy’s Big Idea is a children’s book about a girl name Lucy who becomes friends with Melody, a new student who is hearing impaired. Throughout

Learn about Cooperative Games!

We would love to introduce Suzanne Lyons, an author and founder of CooperativeGames.com – a website she constructed with the sole purpose of creating tools to educate schools about social and emotional learning and the importance of bullying prevention measures. In addition, Suzanne wrote a book, The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program with the intent of spreading awareness about the importance of being kind in school, our community, and beyond. Suzanne reminds us that kindness is collaborative and

Meet Kindness Ambassador, Kelsey!

At Kids For Peace, we have an army of Kindness Ambassadors who are extremely passionate about bringing The Great Kindness Challenge program to every school and creating a culture of kindness worldwide. We recognize that this is a major feat and cannot be accomplished alone. So, we rely on the support and outreach of our amazing and kindhearted ambassadors, like Kelsey Tainsh. We are extremely grateful for our Kindness Ambassadors’ unparalleled commitment to cultivating kindness