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Thank you for sharing your touching and inspiring stories. Thank you for being the force of good and believing in the power of kindness.

Read David’s inspirational story and pick up your own Kindness Button!

David Gerbstadt, an artist from Philadelphia has a message that is plain and simple! He wants the world to BE KIND. And, he is spreading his message through Kindness Buttons! ​In 2007, David was involved in a tractor-trailer/bicycle accident, which his doctors and surgeons believed was fatal. However, ​David miraculously lived to be able to create buttons of kindness with the world instead! In celebration of his precious life, we have asked David to share

Beyond the Laces

We would like to introduce ​Bob Salomon and Rick Young, ​the authors of ​Beyond The Laces. Both authors believe their mission is, like in the title of their book, beyond the obvious: there is a deeper meaning to their story line. That story line is not just about football.  It stresses the need for kindness and perseverance.  Bob and Rick’s writing portrays those character aspects in the hope it will inspire children and their families, especially

The Kindness Cure

Meet Tara! Tara is a clinical psychologist and researcher by profession, and a mother, kindness warrior, and agent of change by mission. Her book The Kindness Cure (February 2018, New Harbinger Press) is a peerless book on kindness that exceeds any existing work on the subject. Tara is an advocate for a deeper sense of our shared humanity and a practitioner of secular spirituality, with its mindfulness and practical techniques intended to elevate kindness. With

The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley Humane Education

The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley (HSSBV) Humane Education is an animal hospital and clinic that focuses on spay, neuter, and vaccinations. As part of The Great Kindness Challenge, HSSBV is networked with 18 teachers at five elementary schools and the non-profit, Stars of HOPE® – a program of the New York Says Thank You Foundation We have asked Lynn Hildebrand from HSSBV to share what kindness means to her and the humane society. Please