Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.

Henry James

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we participate in The Great Kindness Challenge on a different date?

Although there is power and synergy in uniting in kindness during that one week, you may implement the challenge when it best suits your school’s schedule.

2. How can my school participate in The Great Kindness Challenge?

The Great Kindness Challenge is a positive and proactive bullying prevention initiative for PreK-12 schools. Simply visit the Great Kindness Challenge website and register your school to receive free Great Kindness Challenge tools. During the Great Kindness Challenge week, distribute the checklist to your students and get busy creating a culture of kindness on your campus.

3. What materials do you provide? Will I receive a hardcopy of the Great Kindness Challenge materials?

For every registered school we provide a free Great Kindness Challenge checklist and toolkit. After you register your school online and after you verify your registration, the materials will be sent to you in an email as downloadable electronic files.

4. When should I start planning for The Great Kindness Challenge?

The beauty of The Great Kindness Challenge is the ease of implementation. You can literally sign up the week of The Great Kindness Challenge and still participate, just register your school and pass out the GKC checklist! However, many schools begin planning 3-6 month in advance. Planning in advance will allow your school and community to fully participate in all of the amazing activities The Great Kindness Challenge has to offer!

5. How can we become a Kindness Certified School?

Every school that participates in The Great Kindness Challenge is automatically recognized as a Kindness Certified School. After the challenge ends, you will receive an electronic Kindness Certified School seal to use on your school website, newsletter or eblast and you can even print a copy to frame for the front office!

6. How can we find out what other schools are doing during the Great Kindness Challenge week?

After you register for The Great Kindness Challenge you will receive the Great Kindness Challenge toolkit and checklist. The toolkit contains numerous supplemental ideas and examples of how to make the week meaningful and fun. We also encourage you to check out our Facebook page, where we share additional ideas and where schools post pictures and inspirational stories.

7. Do we need to send you a tally of the acts that were completed during the Great Kindness Challenge week?

We don’t ask you to submit this information to us. However, you are welcome to use a tally sheet (sample available in the Great Kindness Challenge toolkit) to keep count of the kind acts completed by your students during the challenge.

8. What is the registration deadline for The Great Kindness Challenge?

There is no registration deadline for The Great Kindness Challenge. You can register your school anytime: prior to the GKC week and/or during the GKC week. The registration for The Great Kindness Challenge is open all year long.

9. We are already implementing a kindness focused program/activity at our school. Could we use the challenge in conjunction with what we are already doing?

Absolutely! The beauty of The Great Kindness Challenge is the fact that it can easily complement any other program or activity. It’s great for complementing any existing character education program(s) and many schools use it as a bullying prevention tool. We also like to emphasize that students simply enjoy the challenge, it’s fun for them!

10. I signed up my schools but have not received the checklist and toolkit. What should I do?

Due to schools’ strict spam filters, many of our emails are blocked. Check your spam folder or inquire with your school’s IT department. You may email and we will happily email you the tools.