Kind Coins Campaign

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2020 Kind Coins for Mexico

The 2020 Kind Coins for Mexico Campaign is a unifying service project to help build a school and friendship center in Tijuana, Mexico. All Great Kindness Challenge students, families, and communities are whole-heartedly invited to participate.


Meet Nicole. She is a bright and vivacious girl with a smile that lights up the world. Nicole and her family are among the thousands of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from Mexico and Central America who have settled in Tijuana. Living in a town that borders the USA and with drug-related violence prevalent in her neighborhood, Nicole wishes for safety and unity. To make that wish come true, we will build a much needed pre-primary school and friendship center in Nicole’s neighborhood.  The friendship center will be a safe place where children on both sides of the border can gather to learn, build bridges and make new friends.

We invite you to watch this beautiful video with your students and hope you will join the 2020 Kind Coins for Mexico Campaign!


P.S. The age appropriate video watching guides are coming soon and will be available on the GKC Tools page.