Kids for Peace is teaming up with OOLY – the folks who create the happiest art supplies around – to spread good vibes and creativity to kids everywhere. We are thrilled to welcome OOLY as the presenting sponsor of The Great Kindness Challenge.

Together, we will empower kids across the globe to inspire, uplift, and embrace kindness through creativity.

 Join us!

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Save the Date

Mark your calendars for the 13th annual Great Kindness Challenge!

Next year’s theme is all about creating kindness. We can’t wait to share amazing content that will inspire youth to explore their imaginations, express their feelings, and spread positivity!

Download & share the Save the Date:


The 2024 Great Kindness Challenge Kickoff Video

Kick off the year kind with our official 2024 Great Kindness Challenge video! You’re invited to showcase the video at the beginning of the school year, during bullying prevention month, to celebrate World Kindness Day and/or to kick off the official Great Kindness Challenge week in January. You choose how and when.

Enjoy. We can’t wait to see your students answer the call to Create Kindness!

#GreatKidnessChallenge, #OOLYcreatekindness

New! Create Kindness Packs & Bundles

Fun and educational kits with art and school supplies featuring OOLY favorites that uplift, inspire, and promote togetherness.

For every Create Kindness Pack & Bundle sold, OOLY will donate a portion of sales to Kids for Peace. 🙂

Color Together

Color Together

Unleash children’s creativity while inspiring kindness with the Create Kindness Pack - a fun and educational kids art supplies kit.

Packed with 24 Color Together Colored Pencils, a Chunkies Sketchbook Pad, Stickiville Great to Motivate Sticker Book and easy gifting packaging, it has the makings of the perfect art gift set, classroom or family activity.



Unleash children’s creativity and inspire kindness with the Create Kindness Pack - a rainbow themed art and stationery set.

Packed with Yummy Yummy Pens, a Shine Bright Jot It! Notebook, Noted! Mechanical Pencils, a Rainbow Buddy Scented Jumbo Eraser and easy gifting packaging, it has the makings of the perfect art gift set , classroom or family activity.

Color Your Campus Kind

Color Your Campus Kind

Decorate your campus with kindness

Ignite creativity and inspire kindness with the Color Your Campus Kind Bonus Box. This kids' art supplies bundle is designed to help you decorate your school for The Great Kindness Challenge.

Save over 20% and unlock a value of over $119 worth of vibrant drawing and coloring tools. Let your school shine with creative displays that inspire acts of kindness. Join the kindness movement and transform your campus today!

Recess Kindness Activities

Recess Kindness Kits

Supplies for your kindness stations

This curated kids' art supplies bundle provides endless opportunities for children to complete their Great Kindness Challenge Checklist during recess. From Chunkies Paint Sticks, to Lil’ Watercolor Pods, and Color Together Markers, you will have the drawing and coloring activities on lock. Want to create personalized kindness tees? The Fabric Doodler Markers are here for you. The possibilities to create fun and educational moments are limited only by your imagination!

Valued at over $139, (a 20% savings!) this box is chock full of art supplies to spark children’s creativity and support The Great Kindness Challenge.

Lil’ Kindness Creators

Lil’ Kindness Creators

A bundle for our pre-K kind creators

Ignite the spark of kindness in young hearts with our kids' art supplies in the Lil’ Kindness Creators Bonus Box, designed to inspire and nurture creativity in pre-K students. This incredible bundle not only encourages acts of kindness but also saves you over 20%.

Included is a range of art supplies perfect for creating moments of joy and connection. The My First Feelings Coloring Book helps children explore emotions and empathy through coloring, while the Chunkies Paint Sticks provide mess-free painting experiences to share with friends. The Left Right Crayons encourage cooperation and sharing, and the I Heart Art Erasable Crayons turn mistakes into learning opportunities. With the Big Bright Brush Markers and Mighty Mega Markers, young creators can express themselves boldly.

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The Great Kindness Challenge is brought to you by:

OOLY is a whimsical and colorful arts, crafts, and school supply brand inclusive of an array of expressive and creative items for kids, adults, and everyone in between. Known for fun and trend-forward products, OOLY sparks imagination and inspires self-expression, inviting you to CREATE YOUR HAPPY. OOLY is a woman-owned, San Diego-based company that launched in 2005. For more information, visit

Kids for Peace, home to The Great Kindness Challenge, is a Carlsbad-based global nonprofit that was founded in 2006 by a single mother and a high school student. What started as a “backyard club of caring kids” has grown into a worldwide movement with over 19 million youth in 121 countries actively creating a culture of peace and kindness. Through their five programs: The Great Kindness Challenge, The Peace Pledge Program, Global Friends, Community Builders and Care for Our Earth, they are demonstrating that kindness truly matters.