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The Kind Coins Campaign is an annual unifying service project to respond to communities in need.
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2017 – 2018 Kind Coins for Hurricane Relief

Thanks to over 80,000 students from 207 schools, GameTime, and the generous support of the Hasbro’s Children Fund, we are thrilled to report that we have met our goal and we built 3 playgrounds in hurricane-affected communities.


The 2018 Kind Coins for Hurricane Relief Campaign was a direct response to the devastating 2017 hurricane season. Leading with kindness and compassion, the students & families who participated in The Great Kindness Challenge wanted to help, and the idea of building four new playgrounds at schools in hurricane-impacted communities in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida was born. More than 80,000 students participated in this project, helping to show how everybody has a role to play in creating a kinder world. Hasbro, Inc., through its BE FEARLESS BE KIND philanthropic initiative, matched $100,000 of the funds raised, to ensure all playgrounds could become a reality.

Playground 1. Bales Intermediate School, Friendswood, Texas

Bales Intermediate School is a long-term participant of The Great Kindness Challenge. We learned of Jet Stream Jax, a student of Bales, who united his community during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We knew we wanted to help! Jax shared his story in the official Kind Coins for Hurricane Relief video, mobilizing thousands of students across the country to unite and raise funds for four playgrounds in hurricane-affected communities. The playground was built and joyfully opened to the community on January 31, 2018. More photos.

Playground 2. Manuel Elzaburu Elementary School, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sofía Rexach Elementary School, serving 190 students, was completely destroyed when Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico. Students were left without a school, without a playground, and without a safe area to learn, grow, and play. The school was moved to a new location and was renamed Manuel Elzaburu Elementary. The opportunity to have a new playground for this school was received with great enthusiasm, since the school did not have a space for the young students to step away from the challenges of losing their school – and for many their own homes – and to simply play. The playground was built and joyfully opened to the community on June 15, 2018. More photos.

Playground 3. Treasure Village Montessori School, Islamorada, Florida

During Hurricane Irma, the playground turf and catwalk to the playground were destroyed, leaving the playspace unsafe and unusable. The school had to raise nearly $100k for the repair and had already raised half the amount, but were far short of their goal. Our donation was exactly what they needed to meet their goal and complete the restoration and upgrades. According to their principal, our Kind Coins contribution was an answer to their prayers.

We are thrilled to announce that the 4th playground will be built in Paradise, CA in response to the California wildfires. Please stay tuned for details.

Kind Coins for Hurricane Relief Video Appeal