Color Your Campus Kind Bonus Box


Decorate your campus with kindness

Ignite creativity and inspire kindness with the Color Your Campus Kind Bonus Box. This kids art supplies bundle is designed to help you decorate your school for The Great Kindness Challenge.

Save over 20% and unlock a value of over $119 worth of vibrant drawing and coloring tools. Let your school shine with creative displays that inspire acts of kindness. Join the kindness movement and transform your campus today!


Let your students’ imaginations soar as they create colorful displays that inspire kindness and bring joy to your entire school community.

Create inspiring posters with messages of kindness and hope using our  Lil’ Posters or Water Color Paint Pods and brushes. Let your creativity shine with the Creatibles Window Cling Art Kit – perfect for adding colorful designs to windows and glass surfaces. For mess-free painting, the Chunkies Paint Sticks are ideal, while the Mighty Mega Markers deliver bold strokes that brighten up any display. Add a touch of magic with the Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons, perfect for creating vibrant artwork that sparkles and shines.

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