helping students put compassion into action by distributing toys to children in need

We are thrilled to partner with The Toy Foundation to launch The Great Toy Giveaway where toys will be lovingly distributed by students to kids in need throughout children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, military bases, schools, foster care organizations and community centers.

Hooray! All 20 Great Toy Giveaway pilot schools have been identified.

Stay tuned for stories of the joy as students PLAY IT FORWARD!

Questions? Give us a call: 760.730.3320

The Great Toy Giveaway Campaign Details


The Great Toy Giveaway is a school-wide service project hosted by The Great Kindness Challenge and The Toy Foundation, providing students an opportunity to joyfully put their compassion into action. The project is fueled by toy company donations to The Toy Foundation. Participating schools will receive donated toys and lovingly distribute them to children in need. Students at participating schools will be guided to identify the needs within their own communities with one goal in mind – to bring smiles and joy to kids in need. To make the project extra meaningful, students will add a personalized note of friendship to each toy delivered. At some sites, students will elevate the experience even more by not only delivering the toys, but also connecting with each other as they enjoy the toys together, truly “playing it forward”.


May 2, 2019  The Great Toy Giveaway school sign up opens. All slots have been filled. Sign up is now closed.

May 2019 – Fall 2019  Participating schools receive toy donation shipments.

September 2019 – January 2020  Schools organize their Great Toy Giveaway projects and distribute donated toys to children in need.


Because as kids joyfully give to other kids, an enthusiasm for giving and a lifetime commitment to kindness will be sparked.

The Great Toy Giveaway Terms & Conditions

By signing up to become a Great Toy Giveaway pilot school, you agree to:

1. Receive between 900 – 1,250 toys. Please note, we are not able to guarantee a specific number or type of toys. The toys are not returnable, exchangeable and are only to be used as specified in the campaign’s Terms & Conditions.

2. Invite one or more schools in your community to also be a Great Toy Giveaway pilot school and distribute toys to kids in need. An ideal scenario would be to invite your neighboring elementary, middle or high school. (We will ask the partner school to also complete the simple GTG project report.)

3. Provide the name and contact info of your invited GTG pilot school(s) to Jill at

4. If needed, liaise directly with the shipping company to accept toy delivery shipments at your school. The shipment sizes may vary and the toys may be delivered in boxes, crates, and/or pallets. The toys may be delivered in multiple shipments and will be delivered anytime between May 2019 – September 2019. We will aim to deliver the toys before the summer break start date as indicated on your sign up form.

5. Securely store toys until distributed to kids in need.

6. Involve students in creating a distribution plan (1. Identify local kids in need; 2. Confirm the receiving location(s); 3. Set the date for the delivery event).

7. Engage students in creating notes of friendship to accompany all toys. (This may be a club, classroom, or schoolwide activity).

8. Deliver donated toys to children in need. Aim to deliver 1 toy for 1 child in need. For example, if you have 500 toys, ideally these will be delivered to 500 children in need.

9. Deliver the toys to one or multiple locations such as: children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, low-income schools, military bases, community centers, foster care organizations and disaster relief centers.

10. Deliver the toys to chosen location(s) with a minimum of 2 students present for the delivery, but ideally include as many students as possible for the delivery.

11. Document the experience with photos and/or video.

12. Submit a GTG project report.

13. Submit a minimum of 2 GTG photos: 1. Friendship notes being created & 2. Toys being received ideally by the actual kids in need or, if that’s not possible, by the facility representatives. By submitting the photos/videos you confirm you have obtained all applicable releases, approvals, rights and licenses necessary to lawfully use the name, image, likeness, publicity rights of all attendees, volunteers or persons involved in the Great Toy Giveaway campaign for use in marketing or media materials by Kids for Peace and The Toy Foundation. Any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photo(s)/video(s) are waived. For further details, please refer to the program Privacy Policy.

14. Infuse the project with love & kindness, making it a life-affirming experience for all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of toys can we expect to receive? 

The Toy Foundation will secure a variety of toy donations from numerous toy companies. The toys may be an assortment of board games, plush toys, puzzles and more. The sweet spot of the toys’ age-range is usually between 5 and 12 years old.  

2. May we request a specific toy?

We’re sorry, but we are not able to honor requests for a particular brand or type of toy. The Toy Foundation will do their best to ensure a high quality of the procured toy donations, but they can not guarantee what those toys will be.

3. Will this cost anything?

No, the toys are all fully donated and the shipping costs are covered. The only expense you may incur is the transportation cost to distribute the toys to your chosen location(s).

4. We are a Title 1 School with many kids in need. May we give the toys to our own students?

A primary goal of this project is to provide students an opportunity to experience the “joy of giving,” so we highly recommend that your students research other kids in need within their community to give the toys to. If, however, you have a special group of kids in need within your school that will benefit from the toys, we trust your judgement. We simply want to ensure a meaningful experience for both the “givers” and the “receivers.”

5. How much space do we need to store the toys?

Depending on toy sizes and packaging, the shipments may vary in size significantly and we are not able to provide estimates. The toys may be shipped in a few boxes, crates or pallets. Before committing to the project, please make sure you will be able to securely store toys until distribution.

6. Why is the campaign limited to 5 states?

The 5 participating states were selected based on the location of the key toy companies that will be donating the toys. Also, this is the first year of The Great Toy Giveaway, so we are piloting this project with a small number of states with the hope of expanding to more states and schools the following year.

7. Do we have to invite another school to be eligible to participate in The Great Toy Giveaway?

Yes. We want to give more students the opportunity to be part of the giving, so we ask that you invite at least one other school in your community to pick-up a determined amount of toys from your school and be part of The Great Toy Giveaway. Once your invited school is confirmed, please email the school name, point of contact and contact email to .

8. May we invite more than one school to be part of The Great Toy Giveaway?

Yes! You may invite as many schools as you’d like to join your school in distributing the toys. We simply ask that each participating school creates notes of friendship for each toy delivered, completes the GTG project report and  submits GTG photos/video to .

9. Do students have to be present to distribute the toys to the kids in need?

Yes, a minimum of two student representatives must be present when the toys are distributed to the kids in need. Ideally, a big group of students will be able to travel together to distribute the toys and experience the giving firsthand.

10. How do we define “a kid in need”?

A kid in need is a child who might need some extra joy and comfort in his/her life. This may include challenges such as: health, homelessness, neglect, natural disasters, military deployments, low income, or any other cause that makes it difficult for a child to experience a safe and happy childhood. We hope that the love and compassion infused into the project will transfer through the donated toys and will be an uplifting experience for all.

11. If I have a question about The Great Toy Giveaway, may I talk to someone?

Yes! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call Jill or Asia at the Kids for Peace headquarters in California: 760-730-3320.

The Great Toy Giveaway brought to you by:

The Toy Foundation (TTF) is a 501©3 children’s charity whose mission is to provide joy and comfort to children in need through the experience of toys and play. TTF serves children who are coping with serious illness, enduring temporary home placements in the foster care system, suffering from abuse or neglect, experiencing separation from a deployed military parent, or dealing with devastating natural disasters. To date, TTF’s signature program, The Toy Bank, has provided more than $200 million in toys to over 26 million children in need around the globe, thanks to its generous toy donors.

Kids for Peace, home to The Great Kindness Challenge, is a California-based global nonprofit that empowers kids to create peace through hands-on service, global friendships and thoughtful acts of kindness. Founded in 2006 by a mother and a Carlsbad High School honors student, Kids for Peace has now launched over 450 chapters on six continents. All Kids for Peace activities are based on the Peace Pledge, wise words written by children to inspire peace for all.