We would like to introduce ​Bob Salomon and Rick Young, ​the authors of ​Beyond The Laces. Both authors believe their mission is, like in the title of their book, beyond the obvious: there is a deeper meaning to their story line.

That story line is not just about football.  It stresses the need for kindness and perseverance.  Bob and Rick’s writing portrays those character aspects in the hope it will inspire children and their families, especially if they are going through a hard time.  As Salomon has often said, “This is more than a book. This is a movement.”

Salomon, after retiring as a corrections officer, decided to spend his time inspiring youth with a motivational project linked to his book.  He believes that sports and professional athletes have such a positive impact on children and on the American culture in general.

That is why he has also built relationships with professional sports personalities from a number of different venues who share in the Beyond the Laces mission’s vision to make a positive impact and show that people do care. These include Mark Brunell, Don Mattingly, Doug Glanville, Victor Green, Tommy John, and Jim Eisenreich, amongst many others.  The list continues to grow!

As stated in the Huffington Post article about ​Beyond The Laces, author Melissa Fales noted, “These athletes share his belief that kindness is the key to true success. ‘You can be rich, you can be famous, but if you’re not kind, you’re not really successful,’ Salomon says. ‘I think it’s an ingredient our society needs now more than ever. And I think that professional athletes have a special ability and opportunity to help spread that idea to the young people of today.’ ”

Bob has put together a team which shares his desire to make a difference in the lives of children.  Through school assemblies, Bob and Rick touch upon the core values of character building seen in their book.  They also address the issue of bullying prevention, showing that kindness is the key.  Rick, the author of five other books, speaks to the writing process itself, encouraging students to develop their own writing skills, a key to their future success.

Beyond the Laces, is a poignant story about a sick child and his favorite football player. It’s an account based loosely about sports and harbors a deeper meaning about perseverance and kindness. The book elicits different reactions from readers.  Salomon shared, “One time, a woman cried in front of me for 20 minutes—others are uplifted by it.  It hits everyone a little differently.”

While ​Beyond the Laces is technically a children’s book, Bob says its appeal extends to adults. “The book is for anyone, from second graders to grandmas and grandpas,” he says.

To make Salomon’s project even sweeter, a portion of the proceeds from each copy of ​Beyond the Laces sold is donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a place near and dear to Salomon’s heart—and a recent stop on the Kids For Peace Kindness Matters Bus Tour, as part of The Great Kindness Challenge.

For more information about Bob Salomon and ​Beyond the Laces and to book an amazing assembly, visit www.beyondthelaces.com​.  Or feel free to reach out to Bob directly at (732) 604-0468.

And, to continue the kindness, please join The Great Kindness Challenge – Family Edition to engage your household in intentional kind acts, including cheering for both sports teams! To learn more, please visit The Great Kindness Challenge!