David Gerbstadt, an artist from Philadelphia has a message that is plain and simple! He wants the world to BE KIND. And, he is spreading his message through Kindness Buttons!

​In 2007, David was involved in a tractor-trailer/bicycle accident, which his doctors and surgeons believed was fatal. However, ​David miraculously lived to be able to create buttons of kindness with the world instead! In celebration of his precious life, we have asked David to share with us what kindness means to him.

David, what inspired you to do the work you do?
I was in a trauma accident on December, 12, 2007. ​My heart stopped 4-5 times that day and the doctors said I should be dead. It’s been 10 years and still feels like yesterday minus the broken bones and severed femoral artery. I learned that we are all loved, we all matter, and what we do is important. I want to give back for all the many people that have helped me heal. Describe a moment kindness made an impact in your life? ​There are so many: coming home to envelopes taped to my door with lots of cash with a note ‘you are loved’. ​Often people leave art materials on my doorstep having kind acts come back to me by just being kind. What is your wish for the world? ​That kindness is viral and that we do not have to be reminded to be kind. We just are kind.”


What motivates you?
The pure enjoyment of making art. Seeing other people creating and getting things done with little or no means.Not letting ‘excuses’ get in their way.

To learn more about David and his amazing mission to create a kinder world, purchase his book online, ​​One Breath At a Time and pick up your own kindness button! And, to continue the kindness, please join The Great Kindness Challenge – Family Edition to engage your household in intentional kind acts, including writing or drawing a loving note for someone. It makes a difference!