We would love to introduce Suzanne Lyons, an author and founder of CooperativeGames.com – a website she constructed with the sole purpose of creating tools to educate schools about social and emotional learning and the importance of bullying prevention measures.

In addition, Suzanne wrote a book, The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program with the intent of spreading awareness about the importance of being kind in school, our community, and beyond. Suzanne reminds us that kindness is collaborative and fun– so let’s get started!

Suzanne, what are Cooperative Games?
Based on cooperation rather than competition, cooperative games allow for a win-win scenario! This allows for players to experience the thrill of winning hand in hand.

Cooperative Games are structured so that no one is ever eliminated, creating a sense of safety and belonging for the players. Thus, fostering trust.

Cooperative Games exist for all ages and settings to teach kindness and prevent bullying in schools.

Research Behind Using Cooperative Games to Reduce Aggression:
An important study conducted at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) tested the effects of cooperative games through a program of four board games and seven cooperative active games. The study showed that the laying a set of cooperative games reduced a range of aggressive behaviors from hitting and kicking and name calling and excluding others.

The researchers observed cooperative behaviors such as, sharing, assisting, working together, linking arms, and hugging. All in all, the researchers from UNR found that cooperative games do indeed reduce aggression and promotes pro-social behavior in young children.

Thank you, Suzanne for enlightening us that games do not need to be a competition but rather an opportunity to build camaraderie. To learn EVEN more about Suzanne, her research and tools, please read her recent article, highlighting a few sample cooperative games to play with your kids at home or in the classroom.

To continue the fun, please join the Great Kindness Challenge – Family Edition and complete the kind act of cheering for both teams!